About Us

The founders of this site consider themselves to be educated and informed members of society. We really don’t care about elections, political parties, or particular politicians.

That being said, Donald Trump is posing a legitimate threat to our country and our freedoms, and we can’t stand by and let this happen.

We’re proposing three courses of action:

The first is to educate yourself via our Trump Fact Library, which is filled with information that will shock you even if you’ve seen John Oliver’s incredible #makedonalddrumpfagain campaign.

The second is to make a donation to our GoFundMe campaign, which will help finance Google Display Network Advertising in swing states to spread our message to the most valuable voters.

The third is to show your support for our cause by ordering some of our awesome merchandise.

One thing about the merchandise – We considered donating the proceeds of our sales to our own GoFundMe campaign, but it’s a complicated process and we’re realistic about the potential impact that our contributions could make, so we’re not going to do that.

But at least we’ll be honest about it…

See, Trump’s campaign is built on the premise that we need to Make America Great Again. But America is already so great that two average dudes have the opportunity to cultivate a movement against some goofy-haired monster while making some beer money on the side.

Finally, you might notice that this site lacks comical photos of Mr. Trump that can be seen just about anywhere else on the internet. That is on purpose. Our intent is to educate the American Electorate and global community about why they should share our trepidation toward the possible outcome of this election, and we don’t want to distract you with images of a horrible man that kind of looks like a lot of hilarious things.

Plus, we’re very proud of the hard work that went into building this beautiful website… and we don’t want his fat fucking face ruining it.

God Bless America,

Marc and Pat