Because He is All Talk. Plain and Simple.

Donald Trump, the win-at-all-costs businessman, is frustrated that his opponents are taking advantage of party rules and loopholes in their quest to defeat him.

Here’s a tweet that the King of Playing the System to His Own Advantage sent out on Sunday evening:

And here’s a quote from this guy’s Campaign Adviser, Barry Bennett, walking back his candidate’s threatened lawsuit less than 24 hours later:

It’s not something you file with the court, it’s something you file inside the party, that is the lawsuit that he talked about.

Yeah. Except that makes it not a lawsuit. That’s makes it a complaint. Or a claim. Or maybe just whining. But definitely not a lawsuit.

There is a real conversation to be had about delegate allocation and archaic party rules that diminish voter representation at the conventions. But that is not a conversation for this website.

Instead, let’s focus on what Trump just did in the past 24 hours. He recognized he was being taken advantage of by his opponents (like a great businessman), acted tough by threatening a lawsuit (like a great businessman), and then he immediately backed down (like a–wait, what?).

Let’s be straight here. Trump knew he couldn’t sue the RNC for Louisiana’s delegate selection rules. He agreed to those rules when he put his name on the ballot in that state.

Trump simply recognized that his reputation as someone who could not be taken advantage of was actively being compromised by the fact that, in Louisiana, he was being taken advantage of.

So he acted tough. He threatened to sue. Because that is what people who are all talk do. They beat their chests. They tweet.

But when the chips fall and the dust settles, you can’t stand on empty words. Talking tough and being tough are two completely different things. And that’s how you find someone like Donald Trump sending out his campaign staff to admit that he can’t sue the RNC. He only threatened to do so because he’s learned throughout his life that some folks fall for his empty promises.

Say what you will about the other four candidates in the race, but they wouldn’t do what Trump just did. If you don’t hear them talk a big game as much as Trump, it’s because they only make threats they plan to follow through on.

Because that, my friends, is what toughness is.


ABC News 3/28/2016

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