Because These People Would Be in His Administration

*Update 3/29/2016 – Corey Lewandowski, Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign Manager, was just charged with battery in Jupiter, FL, for “roughly grabbing” a Breitbart News reporter, Michelle Fields, as she attempted to ask the candidate a question on March 8. Lewandowski was not arrested, but issued a notice to appear in court for a simple battery charge.

Our original article, with more information on why Mr. Lewandowski is a terrible human being, is featured below:


A lot of what we are trying to do on this site is provide rebuttals for common arguments used by Mr. Trump’s supporters. We know you’ve heard just about every argument out there as to why you shouldn’t vote for Trump. We are here to demonstrate why the arguments as to why you should are ridiculous.

Here’s one:

Although he might not be as knowledgeable on the issues as some of his opponents who have access to intelligence briefings, he will surround himself with smart, experienced individuals who will give him the best advice once he is in office. This is what great leaders do.

First, I love the wishful thinking. Such optimism is refreshing from supporters of a man who preaches that everything is terrible.

Second, we hope you’ll consider more than just blind optimism when forming such generalized beliefs about the candidates. We hope you’ll consider what they are actually doing now when predicting what they’ll do in office. Specifically, we hope you’ll take a look at who this guy currently surrounds himself with and who he takes his advice from. There is no better way to forecast the Trump Administration than to analyze the Trump Campaign.

Like his Campaign Manager, Corey Lewandowski, who has been accused of making sexual advances on female reporters, roughing up a protestor, and conducting a voter suppression mailer (which is a felony). I’m just a bit concerned about what will happen when our President’s chief of staff is caught hitting on the White House press corp., beating up Americans practicing their first amendment right, and…you know…committing felonies.

He also seems unversed in our nation’s libel laws. Mr. Lewandowski believes he can sue a source for reporting the above accusations. Obviously, we are taking our chances.

Speaking of not knowing anything about libel laws, lawyers for Mr. Trump, supposedly the best that money can buy, were caught with their pants at their ankles this Fall. They quickly bluffed on a cease and desist letter which requested that Jeb Bush’s Super PAC refrain from the very legal practice of running attack ads against Trump. After a very public embarrassment, the lawyers let the ads continue, which is definitely the sort of acting tough and then instantly backing down we want from our next justice department.

And let us not forget his sloppy-tweeting spokeswoman, Katrina Pierson, who has managed to offend just about everyone over the past few years, even when she manages to spell her bigotry correctly. The one silver lining for those of us in the Never Trump crowd is that, once Ms. Pierson is the White House Press Secretary, it will only be a matter of time before she says something impeachable.

And look, you can make a strong argument that these are administrative folks who don’t have any real say over policy. That’s actually a very good point. So instead, let’s focus on the team of 5 individuals Trump just named as his expert national security team (all facts recovered from nytimes and Washingtonpost):

  • General Keith Kellogg, a retired Army lieutenant general who last served in Iraq back in 2004 and who (this is true) nobody can even find the whereabouts of.
  • George Papdopoulos, a 2009 college graduate and energy analyst, who lists his 2012 Model UN participation on his resume. The Washington Post reports that their energy policy sources don’t know who he is, because of course they don’t.
  • Carter Page, a managing partner at Global Energy Capital who I guess sent Trump some memos and “met” with the campaign.
  • Joseph E. Schmitz, a former inspector general at the Department of Defense who wins the most qualified on this list award. Now he works for the infamous defense contractor, Blackwater, who happen to be the worst.
  • Walid Phares, an Islamophobic (we get that you probably like that about him) pundit and advisor to congress who is probably the reason you think all Muslims are out to get you.

What’s most notable about this list is that I really couldn’t find much more to give you about these guys. If they had long histories in national security that I simply disagreed with, that would be one thing. The biggest problem is that these guys are just plain nobodies in the national security world. As a member of President George W. Bush’s National Security Council stated:

“Many of us who have held senior positions in previous Republican administrations have been asking each other if we have ever heard of them, and pretty much everybody is turning to Google to see what they can find.”

I don’t know which is worse. Incompetence or inexperience. Does it matter? The Trump campaign has enough of both.

So please, don’t try to tell us that it is only a matter of time before Trump unveils his team of super experts who will advise him into the future. Those folks happen to be on our side. So if you want their leadership, by all means come over and join us.

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