Because His Debt Plan Would Be Laughable If It Didn’...

Imagine that you are a wealthy, successful individual in the middle years of a lengthy career. You make a large annual income through a broad spectrum of financial assets and you are looking to build yourself an even more lucrative future. You, like everyone else, have acquired debt as a means for personal advancement, but […]

Because He Has No Plan For Health Care Reform

Whether you are in favor of the Affordable Care Act, completely against it, think that it needs to be improved, or do not really care at all – Health Care is one of the leading issues facing our nation today. It is so prevalent, in fact, that many years from now Americans may consider health […]

Because Bankruptcy Isn’t an Option for America

It is regularly said of Trump that he would be a good economic leader because he is a successful business man. I get that. What’s the President, if not America’s CEO, right? And let’s give credit where it is due. You don’t get to be a billionaire if you are completely incompetent. Donald Trump clearly […]