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Because a Lot of Important People Don’t Like Him

We understand the disdain some folks have for political correctness. When you refuse to say anything that might offend someone, you ultimately silence yourself. But Donald Trump, being the con man that he is, has taken that disdain and rechanneled it toward a much different concept: common decency. If a coworker has an idea you […]

Because He Doesn’t Respect Veterans

OK… To be honest, McCain threw the first punch. If you would call it a punch.   John McCain has served as Senator for the state of Arizona since 1987. He has long supported comprehensive immigration reform, and as per The New York Times, has been “at war” with the far right in the GOP for many […]

Because Bankruptcy Isn’t an Option for America

It is regularly said of Trump that he would be a good economic leader because he is a successful business man. I get that. What’s the President, if not America’s CEO, right? And let’s give credit where it is due. You don’t get to be a billionaire if you are completely incompetent. Donald Trump clearly […]

Because He Thinks Putin’s Regime is Leadership

There’s simply no stance an American politician can take that is more of a slam dunk than being anti-Putin. Russia’s kleptocratic President is unapologetically anti-American, deceitful, and actually a bit of a murderer. He refuses to abide by international law and utilizes regional destabilization as Russia’s primary vehicle for relevancy.   Donald Trump, unfortunately, does […]