Because a Lot of Important People Don’t Like Him

We understand the disdain some folks have for political correctness. When you refuse to say anything that might offend someone, you ultimately silence yourself.

But Donald Trump, being the con man that he is, has taken that disdain and rechanneled it toward a much different concept: common decency.

If a coworker has an idea you disagree with, it would be wrong of you to stay silent just to keep from offending them. But it would also be wrong of you to publicly ridicule your coworker and alienate their ideas.

There’s a balance that exists in all workplaces, and the White House is no different. Donald Trump lacks that balance. If he disagrees with you, or worse—if you disagree with him, you are ridiculed and insulted. That’s not overcoming political correctness. That’s being disrespectful. And like in all places of work, it will have a very real impact on his ability to get things done.

The U.S. President works with an enormous number of political, business and cultural leaders. We have to count on our President to be capable of speaking his mind while not offending or alienating those global individuals that he works with regularly.

Unfortunately, this guy already has a long list of individuals he has offended. It is our goal to keep a running tab of who they are. Without further ado, we give you…

The (Non-comprehensive) List of Important People Who Openly Don’t Like Donald Trump

We’d like to quickly pause to point out that these first five represent five of our greatest allies in the world. Okay. Continuing…

You know… the one that pretty much everyone likes? Yeah, him…

All of the above are only notable because it is unprecedented that they would ever feel the need to speak out against an American presidential candidate who hasn’t even been nominated yet…

Those are three of the top international non-profits

And our favorite…

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