Because He Doesn’t Respect Veterans

OK… To be honest, McCain threw the first punch. If you would call it a punch.
John McCain has served as Senator for the state of Arizona since 1987. He has long supported comprehensive immigration reform, and as per The New York Times, has been “at war” with the far right in the GOP for many years.
In July of 2015, Mr. Trump held a rally in Arizona that was heavily focused on immigration, and McCain responded to the event by inferring that the context of Mr. Trump’s immigration messaging was reigniting radical thoughts by local policy makers that McCain had fought so hard to diminish for a long time.
“This performance with our friend out in Phoenix is very hurtful to me,” McCain said. “Because what he did was he fired up the crazies.”
Donald Trump has a long history of freaking the fuck out whenever someone says something negative about him, but instead of responding by defending his stance on immigration, he tweeted this personal attack on the long-time United States Senator and military veteran:

While McCain did graduate as number 894 out of 899 in his class, he wasn’t actually last. And sure, this is a bit surprising, but regardless of class rank, graduating from the United States Naval Academy is a distinguishable honor that should not be overlooked. Furthermore, it has been documented that McCain’s poor marks were a reflection of conduct and misbehavior, and not from lack of intelligence or academic ability.
Again, surprising, but this still does not support the idea that he is a dummy. 
In fact, McCain has an IQ of 133. If the average IQ of an American citizen is 98, is he implying that the vast majority of Americans are dummies as well? That is a different topic altogether, but I would not be surprised.
Shortly thereafter, Trump was asked about his personal attack on John McCain while speaking at a Family Leadership Summit in Iowa:

To be clear, after calling Senator McCain a loser for losing the presidential election, this guy goes on to say the following:

[John McCain] is not a war hero. He is a war hero because he was captured. I like people that weren’t captured.”

McCain did not actually claim that Trump “Had 15,000 crazies show up.” Instead of accurately quoting the Senator, this guy makes it seem that McCain was referring to Trump supporters as crazies, but this is not true. While more recent events would prove that several Trump supporters are in fact crazies, Senator McCain was actually referring to his political colleagues that have opposed immigration reform for many years as crazies – Not those that attended the rally.
But these details are not important.
In one statement, Donald Trump managed to insult every American that has ever served, or had a loved one that has served in the United States Military. Politics aside, anyone that has ever worn that uniform deserves our utmost respect, and this includes Senator John McCain. It does not matter when or where, or even if they saw active combat or not… Each and every military veteran has committed to protecting our freedoms at any cost, and their service should not be denigrated in the name of childish politics. 
Especially those that were captured, served as a prisoner of war for more than 5 years (two of which were in solitary confinement), were tortured, miraculously survived, and then continued to serve their country in public office for nearly twenty years.
Although Trump never apologized for his comments, he did send out the following tweet regarding the story:

Oh OK cool… He took it back, or something. Nevermind, guys.


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