Because He Lies About His Priorities & His Website Sucks

Yesterday, I wrote about how this guy can’t be president because he has no healthcare plan. In my research for that post I stumbled across a pretty amazing little fact – Donald Trump keeps lying about what he is going to do on his first day in office.
Political candidates have long used this talking point to declare what is most important to them. It is a tradition started by Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1933, whom made it clear that within the first 100 days of his Presidency, he would have a legitimate plan in place to end the Great Depression. In modern times, we’re too impatient to wait 100 days for anything, so this message has been shortened to one day.
But this much is clear: FDR’s main priority was getting Americans back to work and stimulating growth in industry and agriculture.
During his campaign, President Obama made two declarations for this first day: that he would bring the Joint Chiefs of Staff in and give them a new mission related to Iraq, and that he would sign an executive order that would close Guantanamo Bay. Two agenda items related to the War on Terrorism. The former of which he followed through on. The latter is a bit more complicated, as this remains a controversial blemish on Obama’s Presidency. While Gitmo was never officially closed, he did sign that executive order… albeit on his second day in office. I think that’s close enough.
Obama was clear about where his priorities were coming into office: The War on Terrorism. His second priority was the economy, but was upfront that it would take time to put a plan together.
Mr. Trump, on the other hand, has been throwing around the “On my first day in office” office line like it’s a verbal tick.
On separate occasions, this guy has claimed that on his first day in office he will:

If you read my post on health care, you’ll remember that after a disastrous primary debate where he was called out for not having a health care plan, the Trump campaign introduced a very vague seven point health care reform plan, which states:

This legislation… has tragically but predictably resulted in runaway costs, websites that don’t work, greater rationing of care, higher premiums, less competition and fewer choices… On day one of the Trump Administration, we will ask Congress to immediately deliver a full repeal of Obamacare.

Elsewhere on his website, under Issues, (which, again, makes no sense), there is a section titled, “First Day In Office.” The corresponding video is titled “Broken Education System.”
Donald Trump's website features a section titled "First Day In Office" with content that completely contradicts other statements he has made
The video is entirely about eliminating the common core, a controversial topic related to education and not at all related to health care, immigration, foreign relations, or the other topics that he has claimed to fix on his first day.
This is either another lie by the Trump campaign, or a broken feature of his website… which, as noted above, is one of his criticisms of Obamacare that he gives the same amount of critical weight to as runaway spend and rationing of care.
I imagine that this a mistake by their webmaster since the video does not actually say that he will fix this on his first day. But seriously, guy, how much money are you going to spend on your campaign before you realize that it’s a good idea to have someone proofread your terrible website?
Sure, this seems like a small mistake, but it is a common practice for hiring managers across the country to throw a prospective candidate’s resume in the trash if it features even a tiny mistake, as it shows a lack of organization and attention to detail.
When seeking to fill the role for the President of the United States, a candidate’s website serves as their resume, and the American voters serve as the hiring manager. And for that I’d throw this website right in the trash.
And no… I won’t take the time to explain why even Superman could not accomplish all, or even more than one of these things in their first day in office. Either way, that’s not the point. When a candidate promises what he or she will do as soon as they step into office, they are making a statement about what their priorities are. And this guy has not done that.
For a guy that has been praised for denouncing Washington’s political culture and for “telling it how it is,” whatever that is supposed to mean, he has been much more politically driven (see: full of shit) than his counterparts. While other candidates on both sides of the aisle have been clear about their priorities when stepping into office, it appears that Mr. Trump is only concerned with his own political agenda and not with the many issues that face our nation.
So will it be immigration, foreign relations, second amendment rights, health care, education, or something else?
Trump just changes the messaging depending on the audience. It’s eerily similar to Will Ferrell’s character in The Campaign, a 2013 comedy about a political campaign that seemed outrageous at the time, but is slowly coming to life as we get closer to November of 2016.


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